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Forget about server problems!

AbsCloud VPS fail-safe servers are an excellent solution for web and software projects that require more resources than the standard hosting solutions.


By choosing a VPS server from AbsCloud,

you get guaranteed server resource, more security and server protection,

warranty for high quality, professional support, independence from hardware

and flexible management, cost control.


Dedicated Cloud

Dedicated Cloud - server for large and specific projects.

Rent a Dedicated Server - with all your requirements. We offer an individual cloud with the following maximum parameters:

  • 1000TB HDD
  • 500TB SSD
  • 4096 GB RAM
  • 100 CPU cores
  • 300 Mbps guaranteed Internet
Server backup

For businesses with an already existing IT infrastructure, we offer administration on your own server or servers.

  • You have your own server, but you need professional administration and support.
  • You need more security and protection for your business data and company information.
  • You urgently need a archive and backup copy of your server.

We offer professional server support:

Remote administration - the server stays with you, or
Cluster colocation - the server moves into our infrastructure.

CPU count: up to 3
RAM MB: up to 3104
SSD/HDD GB: up to 25 / 115
Peak Mbps: up to 75
euro./mo. exc. VAT
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CPU count: up to 5
RAM MB: up to 6112
SSD/HDD GB: up to 60 / 220
Peak Mbps: up to 125
euro./mo. exc. VAT
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CPU count: up to 7
RAM MB: up to 10848
SSD/HDD GB: up to 105 / 385
Peak Mbps: up to 200
euro./mo. exc. VAT
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CPU count: up to 10
RAM MB: up to 20704
SSD/HDD GB: up to 210 / 785
Peak Mbps: up to 1000
euro./mo. exc. VAT
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CPU count: up to 12
RAM MB: up to 65536
SSD/HDD GB: up to 1000 / 4000
Peak Mbps: up to 1000
euro./mo. exc. VAT
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All Abilix Soft services are compatible with the requirements of the European Union

* All data of Abilix Soft clients from the European Union are stored on servers within the territory of the European Union.

* Abilix Soft services provide a number of important benefits for business and personal data protection (GDPR).

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Why choose AbsCloud
Use reserved only for you server resource. Ensure excellent presentation of your site or software.
Ensure comfort for your business, thanks to regular backups and the ability to quickly recover data from an archive.
Our services provide security of company information and personal data in response to modern requirements.
You get a guarantee of continuity for every service you use, and even a unique financial guarantee.
99.9% guaranteed work flow without interruption. Continued server work even on accidents and disasters.
You get a direct contact to a personal system administrator and professional support for your server.
You pay for what you use and know your expense in advance for every month. Manage your budget wisely!
Every client gets free domain, free SSL certificate, free project migration, free server monitoring and ...
Why to use VPS server
Every AbsCloud VPS server use resources reserved only for you and give you 99.99% guarantee that your site will run uninterruptedly, with high speed and excellent performance even with increased traffic.
By choosing a VPS server for organizing daily office work, you get enterprise information security, company data protection, computer virus and cryptovirus protection, daily archives, control on users, access and rights.
If your emails often go to SPAM, your mail server is always crowded and your employees can not work - the solution is VPS with a professional email server, high SPAM and virus protection, flexible management and regular backups.
The VPS server is an excellent solution for your software products, providing uninterrupted work, reliable connectivity and security: accounting software, warehouse programs, business and customer management systems.
Need more help?
Request free consultation for your server from Abilix Soft specialists. We will call you at a convenient time for you and will be as useful as possible for your business.
Enter the world of cloud technologies. In our Cloud Blog you will find useful information about virtual servers and how to make the right choice of VPS for your business.
Have questions? Check if we have already responded to them. If you do not find the right answer - write to us, we will contact you as soon as possible.
Our clients about us

“...Our online market handles all kind of traffic loads no matter the circumstances. We recommend AbsCloud's services for all kind of tasks related to managing and administering servers...”

"...We rely on their software as it is in the foundation of our workflow. It helps us categorize and test our production, print the needed labels and warranty cards, get various inquiries, manage employees' work flow..."

“...We are confident in Abilix Soft's team professional skills, in their dedication in every problem they overtake. They are always ready to cooperate, sometimes even for tasks outside their scope of responsibilities...”

"...With over 40 stores nationwide we trusted AbilixSoft to migrate all of our projects. They did it professionally and without any interruption in our workflow. Everything runs smooth now, no matter the load, even on "Black Friday"..."

“...AbilixSoft's team proved their professionalism in every aspect of fulfilling their part of our contract...We from MKS ltd recommend AbilixSoft ltd as a competent, reliable and trustworthy business partner...”

"...Alexander from AbilixSoft is very... We've had the benefit of working with AbilixSoft since 2015, and as a result our business model has grown. They also help us save money by...and minimizing waste. We hope to be working with them for many years..."

"With the help of Abilix Soft we have achieved independence from the available hardware for our software projects. With the flexible management of the server resource we meet the needs of our clients."

"Thanks to the Abilix Soft team, we were able to obtain secure company communication, independence from the available hardware and ensure excellent connectivity to our cloud."
"With the help of Abilix Soft, we were able to significantly improve the speed of our online store and optimize the server costs."
"With the help of Abilix Soft, we have achieved excellent results. Our system works much faster, without delays and interruptions, even under heavy load."
"Since we moved our online store to a virtual server from Abilix Soft, our site has been stable, loading very fast and without interruptions."
"The pages of our site load much faster. The administrators of Abilix Soft are always available and easy to work with."