Cloud Reseller

Cloud reseller hosting from Abilix Soft


A reliable partner for your Hosting business.

Abilix Soft's Cloud Reseller program allows you flexible server resource management to create your own hosting services for your projects, clients and partners. If you have worked with Reseller Hosting so far, you know about the limitations in subscription plans, monthly fees, and especially server parameters and support. Abilix Soft's Cloud Reseller program is the unique ability to create a cloud and hosting business model on your own, using our professional support and 99.9% uptime guarantee.


Are you selling hosting or using a lot of hosting for your projects and clients?

Choose an individual cloud service based on your business, your needs and your customers. Control costs and maximize your profit by providing hosting services with more speed and security.


You set the rules!

• Flexible management and control

• Complete independence from hardware

• Unlimited parameters and options

• Professional support 24/7

• 99.9% uptime guarantee


Stable servers at a stable price!

• Forget the reseller account

• Know the monthly expense in advance

• No additional fees for sites added

• Choose the business model you want

• Do not share a server resources with anyone

• Take care of your customers with more speed and security


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