Server colocation Abilix Soft

Why choose cluster server colocation to Abilix Soft, not just standard colocation? By colocating server equipment to Abilix Soft cluster structure, you get a spare server resource with high performance and uptime guarantee.


Colocation is to lease a space in a dedicated data center for positioning a server or multiple servers. By chosing Abilix Soft server cluster for your equipment, you get all the benefits of your own physical server, combined with a high quality cloud technology and unique additional server resource. This saves you considerable costs and time to build and maintain your own premises and infrastructure.


Excellent solution for:

- companies and specialists with available equipment or a desire to buy one

- important business projects

- projects requiring high speed of operation

- projects with high requirements for noninterrupted and continuous working process


Колокация на сървър


Server colocation and benefits in the Abilix Soft Cluster.   

• Additional server resource that can transfer your entire project to, by overload or accidents

• Option to add additional server parameters with flexible control

• You retain full control over server access, performance, and settings

• Regular backup on a remote server, ensuring that the information will not be lost

• Professional server support and monitoring by Abilix Soft



• Keep your project on your own equipment

• Your project will not be migrated to other hardware but you have spare resource if needed

• High-standert server room

• Strict control of physical access and security

• Guaranteed connectivity and multiple ISPs

• Continuous power supply and back-up generators

• Professional air conditioning, fire and earthquake protection

• Collocation from 1U equipment to full server racks

• 99.9% guarantee for uninterrupted connectivity and access to the server


Колокация на сървър към Абиликс Софт



- Collocated equipment is your property and costs are possible for hardware repairs, need to replace or add server components.


If a company needs such a facility with the capacity of one or more server racks, building it would cost a lot more than a long-term lease. Consider carefully the investment in your own server room and equipment, including power and generator costs, air conditioning, fire extinguishing, wiring, network connectivity and infrastructure, access control, security and video surveillance, and so on. If the company decides to colocate its server equipment, then this high cost is reduced to a monthly fee, and the amount needed will be enough to cover the payment of the monthly fee for dozens of years ahead.

Uncompromising security and strict confidentiality are very important for the success of our customers who have chosen a colocation to the Abilix Soft Cluster. Using state-of-the-art control, monitoring and protection systems, our specialists guarantee excellent care of your equipment. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice and consultation:


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