Our company - Abilix Soft

Abilix Soft - cloud technology for cloudless business


Abilix Soft Ltd. is a Bulgarian company with rich history and proven experience. Since 1999, the founders of the company rely on the high quality of the services and software products offered, winning the trust of their customers with speed and correct attitude.


Together with the rapidly changing IT market and endless innovations in high-tech services, the company is moving smoothly to meet today's business needs. 


Following the technological innovations and the growing need for quality business services, the company restructured in 2012 and focuses entirely on server technologies. Abilix Soft specializes in the implementation of various IT solutions for clients not only on the Bulgarian market but also around the world.


Offering high quality services, proven reliability and guarantee, Abilix Soft has become one of the preferred business partners in the country by offering:


• professional cloud services with unmatchable quality
• virtual servers for businesses with individual needs
• Its own IT infrastructure with enormous capacity
• Additional security, backup and protection for all projects
• a global range of services offered
Cloud Services at abscloud.eu guarantee an excellent start to your innovative ideas, an expanding business, for your new projects with great potential for every new start that deserves quality support. The success of the company is due to an individual approach to the needs of each customer, using detailed analysis and monitoring.


Besides the excellent start for your business, AbsCloud.eu services solve numerous problems for companies from different industries and fields of activity. If you experience problems with the speed and overload of your online store, corporate website, ERP system, production software, or warehouse program from which you lose customers - look for us and we will offer you a solution. If you have difficulty administering, moving, protecting or storing your IT structure or database, AbsCloud.eu is your reliable partner.


If you want to know more about Abilix Soft or have questions about the company and the offered cloud services, please write to us: