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Our warranty - the operation is resumed after any failure!

One of the most trivial causes for a system failure is a circuit failure of a disk drive (HDD or SSD). A solution to this problem has been found long ago in the industry - RAID. This is a method that allows information to be written on several disk drives simultaneously. So the system keeps working even if any of them fails. In the most simple option, everything is recorded on two disk drives simultaneously. In the case of failure of one of them, the server keeps working with the other. There are more complex schemes but in general, all of them allow us to continue our work even if a disk drive fails. So, a disk drive failure is reduced to the simple discomfort of having to replace the failed one. Nowadays, the use of RAID is a sign that a job is well done. The non-use of RAID is rather a sign of an extremely poor service.


Abilix Soft server redundancy system

The strategy of Abilix Soft

Our systems all use RAID and furthermore:

Unfortunately, RAID is not a panacea - the hard disk drive is not the only source of problems. Any of the hundreds of other components of a server may fail, which would also cause the system to crash. It is also possible for an operator’s error to delete a file from all disk drives simultaneously. For these cases, we also have the right solutions to ensure the uninterrupted work process of the cloud systems: 


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