Protected file server for your office with maximum data security

Organize the workflow in your office and make sure that you have control over your business data and important information is well protected from theft, loss and cryptoviruses. Abilix Soft offers a professional file server for the individual needs of each company - reliable file sharing with a high level of protection.


AbsCloud File Sharing

Full synchronization in everyday work


File Server from Abilix Soft - company data protection


What is a file server

With the expansion of each company and an increase in its staff and daily tasks there comes the need for cooperation between different departments within the company. Daily work leads to the need to exchange business files and simultaneous work with them which leads to the need for a file server.

The file server provides a shared environment for individual devices in one network. It can run different programs and software applications and can be used to process and store information. Servers are designed to work without stopping, providing access control, and storing information with the highest level of security. The connection to the file server is via a local network or the Internet.


Application of File Servers

The most common file server application in one company is to store and share files that are needed by more than one employee. Storing work files not on a local computer but on a dedicated file server allows:

- to have remote access to files from different devices
- to set different permissions for directories and files, such as reading, editing, printing
- controlled file sharing
- multiple employees to work with one file, with each one always working with the latest version of the file
- to protect company data from loss, theft, encryption and viruses


Real Example:

The presentations made by the advertising department must be available to the sales department and the sales department's offers must be visible to the accounting department. In this case, accountants make reports only to the manager and are not interested in the advertising department presentations, and the manager must have access to the files of all three departments.

Trusted file servers by Abilix Soft


Managing a file server

The correct file server configuration and adjustments allows you to create and manage user groups as well as individual users with different access rights. Each organization is unique with its structure, so the file server gives the opportunity to make individual rights for each user:

- which folders and files to access
- which files can be viewed but not opened
- which files can be opened but not edited
- for which folders and files is allowed: copying, printing, deleting, etc.


AbsCloud File Sharing

An a Abilix Soft service with positive effect for every organization and with excellent evaluation by all our clients.


What is AbsCloud File Sharing service?


Professionally built file server running on a virtual machine - VPS
Fast organizing the workflow without any investment in hardware and server equipment!

Duplicated power supplies
Replaceable UPSs and additional power generators to ensure consistent server performance, even in case of failures in the power supply.

File server with RAID array
The use of a RAID system allows data to be duplicated for better security and easy replacement of a damaged hard disk without interrupting the server work and performance.

Regular archiving
The daily backup allows you to recover information from an older copy of the server.

No risk of loss of information
Your important data is protected even in case of unwanted human errors, hacker attacks and viruses.

No risk of infecting files with crypto viruses.
A specially developed system by Abilix Soft constantly monitors for crypto virus infections, and our regular backups guarantee the recovery of all infected or encrypted files.

System administration
Abilix Soft specialists take care of your server's flawless work.

Personal access rights
Abilix Soft will install, set up, and teach you how to work with group, users and resource management policies on the file server.

No initial investment. Use a VPS server with flexible management.
High Performance managed VPS Server - Use server parameters and resource dedicated only for you.

High level of security
AbsCloud File Sharing guarantees privacy of your personal data and business information and has a number of advantages over GDPR requirements.


AbsCloud файлов сървър за офиса AbsCloud файлов сървър за бизнеса AbsCloud професионален файлов сървър
AbsCloud File Sharing "S" AbsCloud File Sharing "M" AbsCloud File Sharing "L"
61 euro./mo. exc. VAT 97 euro./mo. exc. VAT 148 euro./mo. exc. VAT
Recommended: Recommended: Recommended:
up to 10 people up to 20 people up to 40 people
up to 2 offices up to 4 offices up to 8 offices
up to 115 GB up to 220 GB up to 385 GB
VPS server TropoCloud VPS server StratoCloud VPS server MesoCloud
free installation and setup free installation and setup free installation and setup
daily backup daily backup daily backup
24/7 support 24/7 support 24/7 support


Combine the security of the file server with the high performance of modern cloud technologies


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