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If you have a problem with your server and you need a solution

If you already have your own server, the problems that may occur are many, such as:
- The server is running slowly or often interrupts or goes idle
- You lose contact with the server in the office
- You can not establish a remote connection to the server
- The server is old and needs to be upgraded
- you need to protect company data from hacking, virus, or loss
- you do not have any backups, and this can be fatal to your business
- you do not have a suitable place and a server room
- you do not have a system administrator to look after the server
- Your web projects and websites are slow and often interrupted
- and many others

Tell us your questions and server problems and we will be happy to meet your needs. Look for free consultation and professional help for your server by Abilix Soft experts.


For companies without specialized IT personnel

The need for a company server is realized, but the maintenance of specialized IT personnel to administer the server is often impossible. Server solutions are individual for each business. Ask for free consultation with Abilix Soft specialists and together we will find the right solution for your specific needs.


To help system administrators

Experience is essential. System Administrators and IT Professionals play an important role in the structure of many companies from different industries and with different scope of activity. No matter how talented they are, they often face hard tasks or new requirements such as:

- in-depth knowledge of server administration
- building a safe work environment for all employees
- effective protection of the company IT network and the devices in it
- maintenance of the working process of the equipment, possibly without interruption
- Ensure easy access to company data and software
- Implement new products and applications on the server

Or in general - Everything to work fast, protected and without problems.

This may sound fantastic, but it is quite possible - ask for a free consultation and find out how!


For new companies with new needs

If you are one of the modern, innovative companies with fast development, you will inevitably realize the need for a company server. A server that integrates the workflow into the office, to take care of the continued work of the production software or to guarantee the flawless work of your online projects. The right server solutions should provide a fast and safe workflow, a secure work environment, and reliable protection for company information and privat data. 


Find out how to put your time and effort into improving your services and products without thinking about serious IT investments and paying for expensive equipment with a vague future. Seek advice from AbsCloud's technical experts.

Forget about server problems - ask for free advice from AbsCloud


For already developed companies with need for optimization

If you are a successful company with years of experience, with stable market positions, regulated procedures or specialized software - you may feel like you are stuck, competitors start to overtake you and you need to change. To keep and improve your pace of development, often the need for optimization will constantly pursue you. This type of companies are often lagging behind in the development of modern technology. In many cases, inaction can lead to frustration with loyal customers and partners, and this is unacceptable.


Here are some guidelines for you to find useful solutions and get professional advice:

- improving the speed and performance of company software, ERP or CRM systems, accounting or warehouse programs
- improving the speed of customer service or the work of your employees
- security and protection of company files and private data
- backup of important company information and recovery options
- optimizing business processes with company server settings
- reducing regular maintenance costs for a server room and equipment
- hardware independence and frequent upgrades
- reducing the need for expensive investments in the IT department


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