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Any modern business with online presence uses an SSL certificate on its site. SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer) is installed and associated with a specific site. A valid SSL certificate provides additional security for your online clients by encrypting the links to data shared between the user and the site.


The SSL certificate encrypts the link between the site and the user's browser by encrypting any information exchanged between them. This type of data encryption protects them against malicious copying, misuse of confidential information and leakage of personal data.


By using a valid SSL certificate on your site, you get the trust of your visitors. They feel safe to use the site and are protected from misuse of any information they bring to it. SSL link encryption is almost mandatory for all online e-commerce stores and platforms where users enter personal data and make online payments.


You can recognize a valid and properly installed SSL certificate from the information on a site in the browser:

Безплатен SSL сертификат от


The SSL certificate provided by will be installed and configured completely free of charge by our specialists. We will take care of the validity of the certificate within the period of use of our cloud services.


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