Privacy policy and new GDPR rules

Abilix Soft is a registered administrator of personal data.

Based on the GDPR requirements and our right to collect and process personal data, we ask you to read the terms for collecting and processing personal data.


1. Purpose of working with personal data
Abilix Soft uses the provided personal data to perform its regulated activity to provide corporate services and to fulfill the marketing and advertising purposes of the company.


2. Ways for collecting personal data
Abilix Soft processes personal data that is provided only through the explicit consent of the person. The data is provided voluntarily on the company's website, in places with a clear explanation for the purpose for which the data is required, such as a subscription to a newsletter and an analysis request. Data is also provided on paper at the time of entering into contracts with our clients.


3. How the provided personal data will be used
The provided personal data is used only for the preparation of personalized e-mails and individual offers, the issue of invoices and notices concerning the activity and services offered by Abilix Soft.


4. Data storage and expiration date
Abilix Soft stores the collected personal data as follows:
- For non-contractual partners: up to 3 years.
- For persons with contractual relations: up to 3 years after termination of the contractual relationship.
After expiration of the specified period, the data is deleted.


5. Rights of the person
Any person providing personal data to Abilix Soft has the following rights:
- can request a change in the provided data at any time 
- can request a cancelation of processing the provided data at any time 
- Referring to the "right to be forgotten" - the person's data can be permanently deleted.


6. Storage, control and security measures
Abilix Soft collects, processes and takes care in good faith and lawfully for the provided personal data and comply with a policy of confidentiality. Abilix Soft does not provide and resell the collected personal data to third parties. The provided personal data are stored electronically, recorded on the technical media of the company, and all physical documents containing personal data are locked.


The following measures have been taken by Abilix Soft to limit access to the data and providing high level of security:

The security procedures of all Abilix Soft servers include daily backup of all server data, which ensures that the data will not be incidentally deleted or lost. Different levels of protection are in place to monitor and protect the data integrity and security.


Location and access to servers and data:

- All of our servers are in specialized buildings with physical security
- The physical access to the servers is monitored and controlled by CCTV
- Access to server premises is controlled by an electronic access control system and classic mechanical locks
- Physical access to servers is only possible for authorized employees after approval by a person in charge. For each server rack unlocking, there is approval from at least two people.


The specially developed Abilix Soft systems give you even more security:

- Administrative access to your servers is protected at the same time with a password and at least 2048 bit key.
- Any server administration can be tracked in full details (record each key pressed).
- Backup & Disaster Recovery servers are in a separate data centers, more than 300 km away from the main, in another earthquake zone and served by another EDC.
- Guaranteed operation and access to data even by power failure, through dual power supplies, duplicated UPS systems and generators.
- Guaranteed work and data access by multiple independent Internet providers even when the internet connection is interrupted.


Server awareness and Notification

Abilix Soft's server monitoring systems monitor real-time server behavior and server workflows. This allows our specialists to detect in time a variety of attempts for server compromise and take preventive counter-actions. You are instantly informed about what is happening. The connection to the virtual server is encrypted with an SSL certificate, which prevents interception in the communication.


Server security breach procedure

In the event of a breach of security of the provided personal and company data, theft or leakage of information, Abilix Soft is obliged to notify you immediately. The obligation to notify customers void if sufficient security measures are taken and implemented.


If you want your business also to respond to these requirements - fully compliant with the new GDPR regulations - see how:


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