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Company server to protect privacy data and GDPS requirements


The information stored on Abilix Soft cloud servers is safe - even safer than you think!


The new GDPR (General Privacy Protection) requirements affect almost all businesses and reflect in both the daily business tasks of companies and their communication with customers and partners. At the core of the new GDPR requirements besides the consent, collection and processing of privat data, there are some important conditions that everyone should respond to:

- safe storage of personal data

- sufficient data security measures have been taken

- guaranteed protection and control over the use of private data


See how Ability Soft will provide you with all these requirements

Reliable storage of company data, our customers personal data and information is a top priority for Abilix Soft. The security and protection of the information provided is not compromised by us. Together with the responsibility to provide high quality cloud services with a guarantee of faultlessness and continuity of work without interruption, even in emergencies, we also provide the utmost care for the security of all the information for our customers and their projects running on our virtual machines.


Besides the personal server care that each of our clients receives, the server also works under very high level of security and protection. By using the Abilix Soft VPS server, regardless of the subscription plan, the company information and personal data of your employees and customers are protected to meet a number of requirements towerds GDPR.


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The GDPR requirements are many, and the non-compliance is subject to large fines. See how Abilix Soft's virtual servers automatically meet many basic privacy requirements:

The security procedures of all Abilix Soft servers include daily backup of all server data, which ensures that the data will not be incidentally deleted or lost. Different levels of protection are in place to monitor and protect the data integrity and security.


Location and access to servers and data:

- All of our servers are in specialized buildings with physical security
- The physical access to the servers is monitored and controlled by CCTV
- Access to server premises is controlled by an electronic access control system and classic mechanical locks
- Physical access to servers is only possible for authorized employees after approval by a person in charge. For each server rack unlocking, there is approval from at least two people.


The specially developed Abilix Soft systems give you even more security:

- Administrative access to your servers is protected at the same time with a password and at least 2048 bit key.
- Any server administration can be tracked in full details (record each key pressed).
- Backup & Disaster Recovery servers are in a separate data centers, more than 300 km away from the main, in another earthquake zone and served by another EDC.
- Guaranteed operation and access to data even by power failure, through dual power supplies, duplicated UPS systems and generators.
- Guaranteed work and data access by multiple independent Internet providers even when the internet connection is interrupted.


Server awareness and Notification

Abilix Soft's server monitoring systems monitor real-time server behavior and server workflows. This allows our specialists to detect in time a variety of attempts for server compromise and take preventive counter-actions. You are instantly informed about what is happening. The connection to the virtual server is encrypted with an SSL certificate, which prevents interception in the communication.


Server security breach procedure

In the event of a breach of security of the provided personal and company data, theft or leakage of information, Abilix Soft is obliged to notify you immediately. The obligation to notify customers void if sufficient security measures are taken and implemented.


Here's what your business wins by working with Abilix Soft VPS Server:


1. Privacy and Confidentiality

Ensure that the information remains confidential. All provided information and company data remain completely yours without the right of Abilix Soft or any other company to have them. A contract of confidentiality is signed, both with our customers and with our employees, to ensure that your business data and VPS server information will not be used and made available to third parties. The confidentiality of your data is guaranteed.


2. Data storage

Ensure that information is stored securely. All provided data, company services and projects are stored in a dedicated data center on a high-end server. See all the benefits of VPS servers.


3. Accessibility

Ensure accessibility to the data at any time and from anywhere. The virtual server data can be accessed according to your individual requirements. Access to server data can be controlled at different levels and categories. With Abilix Soft's availability warranty, you get an uninterrupted workflow, even when the power or internet connection stops, so access to personal data is always possible for you and your customers.


4. Accountability

Ensure that you know who and what is doing with your personal data. Working with an AbsCloud VPS server gives you the ability to track server administration work and to create reports as needed. The control over your methods and employees, collecting and processing personal data remains your responsibility.


5. Control and security measures

Ensure that you take care of the security of the collected personal data. Among the security measures for Abilix Soft Servers is the daily backup and recovery options , which ensures that the data will not be lost or deleted. Integrated monitoring and protection systems take care of data integrity and security.


6. Instant information

Ensure that you always know what is going on and have all the information you need. Abilix Soft's automated server monitoring systems track real-time server behavior and processes. This way we can detect various unregulated activities on the server, and this gives us the ability to take quick action when needed and to notify our customers immediately.


Protect privacy data with VPS server from, meet the requirements of GDPR