How to order a VPS server plan

How to order a VPS server plan


You want to order a cloud service from,

it is easy, just follow the instructions to send an order to our team. All cloud services offered by AbsCloud are described in detail in the relevant pages.


1. Once you have chosen your AbsCloud VPS plan, click "VIEW MORE":


Choоse your VPS plan and click the button "view more"

In the open window, you have the option to manually set the AbsCloud package parameters by allocating the appropriate number of server points according to your preferences. We recommend that you leave the automatic settings. This way, our team takes the responsibility for providing you with the necessary server resources for your project at any time.


2. Make your choice and click the "PLACE ORDER" button:


Make VPS server adjustments and click "place order"

You will see the cloud server parameters you have selected and fields for entering the required order information.


3. After entering the required information correctly, press the "SEND" button.


Fill all requider form fields and click "send"


The Abilix Soft team will receive the order and will contact you always for final confirmation. You do not have any financial obligations before proceeding to activate the requested service.


4. If you only want to ask about our services, you have difficulty ordering or you want to share a server problem you have, please use our contact form on the Contacts page.


Read more useful information about our cloud services in our AbsCloud helper:

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