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Professional mail server for your business


Improve your mail server by choosing a VPS from AbsCloud.


Electronic correspondence is very important to all modern companies. E-mails are part of our everyday life not only at work, but at home, even on the street or in the car through our smartphones. In almost all companies, email communication plays an important role in working with partners, between employees and management, in dealing with outsourcing agencies, vendors, distributors and most important customer service.


Online retailers rely on e-mails for their daily orders, notifications, and inquiries at their online stores. A problem with receiving or sending system messages from an e-shop can cause a number of negatives and losses for the merchant and his customers. As part of marketing activities, many companies use e-mail marketing and the active sending of email newsletters and letters to a large number of recipients, which often results in getting into the blacklist and the recipient's Spam folder.


What can the problems with the mail server cause:

-- unsuccessfully sent letters without a clear reason for that
- undelivered messages blocked by the server
- your letters go to the recipient's SPAM or JUNK folder
- you get too much SPAM and computer viruses
- Insufficient storage for letters, which forces you to constantly delete correspondence so you can receive new letters
- bad server settings, where letters disappear and can not be restored
- problems with remote access to e-mail
- if the mail server is in the office, everything stops if there is a problem with the power supply or the internet provider


It's time to forget about all the problems with the your e-mail!

Choose a VPS server from Abilix Soft for your e-mail - prices from 61 Eur./mo exc. VAT.


Keep your E-mail conversation on a VPS server with professional support, high security and excellent settings. By choosing a virtual server from AbsCloud for your company mail server, you get:

- Sufficient storage space, even in intense correspondence with big attachments

- Monitoring and additional settings for mass mailing, company newsletters and various marketing activities

- Flexible management of server parameters according to current consumption

- Flexible administration of consumers, rights, permissions and quotas

- An opportunity for controlled monitoring of incoming and outgoing mail for certain user

- Recovery of intentional or accidentally deleted letters

- Options for remote access to your e-mail

- Spam protection levels based on individual requirements

- High protection against letters containing computer and cryptoviruses

- Constantly check if you are in a "blacklist"

- Quick action for problems with getting into a blacklist

- Ability to quickly upgrade the mail server

- Backup VPS server if needed

- 99.9% guarantee for fail-safe server work


Company mail server with excellent security and administration


Why choose AbsCloud VPS for your business mail server:

- You are in contact with a personal system administrator who will be responsible for the trouble-free operation of your mail server

- An automated server monitoring system that monitors and alerts when needed

- Regular backup of the server

- The ability to recover lost letters in case of deliberate or unintentional deletion

- Reliable protection of company information from stealing and copying

- Encrypted connection to the server against data theft

- Safe protection in the event of a crypto virus infection

- Benefits in complying with the requirements for personal data protection (GDPR)

- Running the server without interruption, even in case of accidents in the power supply or the Internet provider

- Professional server administration and support


Contact us, together we will choose the most appropriate solution for your business emails:


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Do not lose connection with your employees and customers - Choose a VPS server from Abilix Soft to ensure trouble-free work in email communication; that the message of e-mail marketing will reach your customers; that the offers of the sales department will reach the person who needs it; that the attachments will be successfully received; that the deleted letter is not irretrievably lost.


E-mail server from Abilix Soft, professional server security and support

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