Partnership program AbsCloud

Partnership program AbsCloud from Abilix Soft

Partnership program AbsCloud
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Each AbsCloud registered partner gets the opportunity to offer our cloud services. By participating in the program, in addition to earning happy customers, you also earn commissions. Sell directly our Cloud Services and VPS Server Packages, expand the portfolio of services offered on your site, and leave customer service to us.

Each participant in the AbsCloud partner program gets our Cloud Configurator fully customizable. This allows you to integrate the cloud configurator with all of its functionality on your site. So visitors to your site will be able to directly view, choose and order VPS Cloud Servers.

- You get professional advice from a senior system administrator.

- Assistance with the integration and customization of the cloud configurator for your site.

- Affiliate program with a guarantee of honesty.

Personal cloud calculator with your colors

Register as our partner and you will get % of each payment received from a customer you have brought. The commission is calculated and paid monthly. The main advantage of participating in the AbsCloud partner program is the ability to offer high-quality business services on your website and Abilix Soft's cloud-based technology with guarantee.

Working in our partner program is easy and fast, does not require any extra investment. You need a site or an online platform on which to put the cloud configurator. You earn % commission from every payment from a customer who has ordered our service through your site. Accumulated commissions are paid each month.

Only companies can participate in our affiliate program. Make a registration request and we will contact you as soon as possible to clarify our work together. The AbsCloud Affiliate Program is suited for web developers, comapanies making software products, ERP and CRM systems, as well as for companies in the IT sector that are involved in building and maintaining a company IT system.

The professional care for all clients remains our responsibility and the commission remains your permanent income.


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Become AbsCloud partner - offer high quality cloud services for your clients

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