Personal System Administrator for your VPS server

Personal system admin for your virtual private server from

Personal System Administrator from Abilix Soft.

That's right - every client of gets a personal system administrator. Our customer service does not end up giving access to the virtual server or the ability to connect with our 24/7 support. Customer care continues every day.


The System Administrator is an employee of Abilix Soft, who works with personal care for your virtual server:

- monitors the flawless work and physical performance of the server

- monitors the power and server resources used

- monitors the running processes on the server

- monitors potential threats and hacker attacks

- responds quickly, without allowing a collapse in the server system


The Personal Server Administration, together with our security and server monitoring systems, provides 99.99% uptime guarantee for fail-safe work of our virtual servers. This allows us to track potential accidents and their timely removal does not cause interruption or decrease in the cloud servers performance.


The administrator can respond even with the smallest signs of security breach attempts, deliberate overloading, or targeted hacking attacks on your server. Thanks to professional monitoring, we have the ability to react quickly. That's how we protect the server without even realizing something is happening.


As a customer of Abilix Soft, you get the unique right to a personal system administrator, and along with the financial guarantee for our servers, you get not only a high-quality virtual server but also a competitive advantage for your business.


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