Server PSU

Guaranteed power supply for every server from Abilix Soft

Our warranty - continuous operation no matter the failure!

The fastest way to stop any device is to disconnect its power supply. A classical solution to the problem is the use of a UPS - a device with batteries intended to continue the computer operation after a power failure. UPSs usually keep working for 5 to 30 minutes after the main electric power is interrupted. Most important companies have an emergency diesel or gasoline generator that may provide operation for a practically unlimited period of time.


The strategy of Abilix Soft

Any device of ours - server, switch, router or network disk device:

  Where power supplies have any moving parts:

Abilix Soft server redundancy system

Unfortunately, this is not a panacea. Any of the hundreds of other components of a server may fail, which would also cause the system to crash.
We have respective solutions for these cases: