Server security and data protection

Data protection and security measures by Abilix Soft


Protecting business information, personal data of employees and customers is a responsibility for every business.

In Abilix Soft, we know this very well and we have taken a number of steps to protect the information on our servers so that we can guarantee maximum security and privacy. With the development of information technology, the variety and amount of threats by sharing and storage of personal and corporate data grows, and this affects us all. Aggressive virus attacks, cryptoviruses and DDOS attacks are one of the common causes of problems. The quality of care for protecting company data and the security of its storage leads to the trust of customers and partners in your business.


The security procedures of all Abilix Soft servers include daily backup of all server data, which ensures that the data will not be incidentally deleted or lost. Different levels of protection are in place to monitor and protect the data integrity and security.


Location and access to servers and data:

- All of our servers are in specialized buildings with physical security
- The physical access to the servers is monitored and controlled by CCTV
- Access to server premises is controlled by an electronic access control system and classic mechanical locks
- Physical access to servers is only possible for authorized employees after approval by a person in charge. For each server rack unlocking, there is approval from at least two people.


The specially developed Abilix Soft systems give you even more security:

- Administrative access to your servers is protected at the same time with a password and at least 2048 bit key.
- Any server administration can be tracked in full details (record each key pressed).
- Backup & Disaster Recovery servers are in a separate data centers, more than 300 km away from the main, in another earthquake zone and served by another EDC.
- Guaranteed operation and access to data even by power failure, through dual power supplies, duplicated UPS systems and generators.
- Guaranteed work and data access by multiple independent Internet providers even when the internet connection is interrupted.


Server awareness and Notification

Abilix Soft's server monitoring systems monitor real-time server behavior and server workflows. This allows our specialists to detect in time a variety of attempts for server compromise and take preventive counter-actions. You are instantly informed about what is happening. The connection to the virtual server is encrypted with an SSL certificate, which prevents interception in the communication.


Server security breach procedure

In the event of a breach of security of the provided personal and company data, theft or leakage of information, Abilix Soft is obliged to notify you immediately. The obligation to notify customers void if sufficient security measures are taken and implemented.


You also want your business to respond to these requirements, fully compliant with the GDPR regulations - see how:


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