Abilix Soft - a company with social responsibility

Abilix Soft Ltd. takes its place among the leading IT companies, not only as a loyal partner to the business, but also as a company with outstanding social values and attitude. 

Donation program Abilix Soft 2017

Donation program 2017
In 2017 Abilix Soft Ltd. made a donation to the Bulgarian Society for Birds Protection (BSPB). It was donated a server at the initiative of the company related to the conservation of eagles in Bulgaria. The donated equipment is actively used to monitor one of the rare and endangered birds in the country - the Imperial Eagle. Thanks to the donation, the company managed to track the life of the endangered species as well as the development of the newest members of their family.

We use energy-saving equipment

Reducing the consumption of electricity
As part of the IT industry, Abilix Soft Ltd. is directly related to the use of a large quantity and variety of equipment and hardware. In all areas of our business that allows it, we use energy-saving equipment with reduced power consumption. All used in the company printers, monitors, other office equipment, heating and lighting have the highest class of energy efficiency. Any discarded equipment and batteries are handed over for recycling.

Nature protection policy

Nature protection
Part of Abilix Soft's corporate policy is the care and protection of the environment. Following the desire to work at Green Office, the company's management and employees follow the rules of separate waste collection and use of materials with recycling options.