VPS server for Software projects

You develop software or you are looking for the right server for your projects


You are developing software but:


What we offer for software developers:
• Automated software implementation
• You get full control of the versions and the changes made to the code.
• Each change is visible on a test copy of the project.
• You are uploading only changes that have already been tested.

Automated system for tracking the versions of the code
• The code is transferred from GIT to the test server and from there to the real one. Developers launch implementation by simply sending the code to the repository.
• On the official server there is only code that is checked on the test server.
• The entire "change-test-publishing" cycle can take only 5 minutes.

Any change can be automatically tested!
Free more time for developers to create!
Give the annoying tasks to an automated system.


Virtual server for business software, accounting and warehouse programs, ERP and CRM systems


Are you looking for a place for your accounting software, an ERP or a CRM system?

One of the common applications of VPS servers is not only for software development, but especially when using software products.

Virtual Servers provide companies with the ability to work with dedicated software products, CRM and ERP programs and applications, ensuring their maximum efficiency and faultless performance. In their day-to-day tasks, companies use different ERP and CRM systems, accounting and warehouse programs, company management systems, different customer service systems, and so on. Each of these software products must be installed on a server to allow secured access to the program, security of the information, and fast performance.


Many companies face difficulties like:

- High initial investments to buy expensive server equipment
- High additional costs for server room maintenance
- Additional costs for air conditioning, backup power, duplicate internet connection
- Need for specialized IT staff
- Ensure good security of the server and its data


Example: Costs for equipment and maintenance of your own server room:


Required components: Low class
server equipment
Middle class
server equipment
High class AbsCloud
IT structure with full duplication
Server: 3000 6000 х2
Server rack: 1000 1500 х2
Router: 1000 2000 х2
UPS: 1000 1500 х2
Air conditioning: 1000 2000 х2
Switch and wiring: 200 300 х2
Monthly costs:
Guaranteed Internet 100 300 х2
Backup Internet 100 200 х2
Monthly electricity consumption 100 200 х2
Access Control and Video Surveillance 100 200 х2
One time costs: ~ 7200 lv. ~ 13 300 lv. 0 lv.
Monthly costs: ~ 400 lv. ~ 900 lv. from 119 lv/m. inc. VAT
For 2 years of working: ~ 16 800 lv. ~ 34 900 lv. from 2 900 lv.


Using the services of VPS Server from AbsCloud.eu, all of the above mentioned difficulties and additional costs fall out, and you get even more:

- You get an excellent server environment for your software within 1 hour.

- You use IT infrastructure located in a high-end specialized datacenter

- You have a server resource that meets today's requirements without buying expensive hardware

- You can choose the VPS server parameters individually

- Flexible control, easy and fast upgrade

- Downgrade capability, according to the individual needs of the project

- You get free migration with minimal downtime if your project worked on another server before

- High level of security and protection of company information and privat data

- Access control and server access rights

- Protection from DDoS attacks and cryptoviruses

- Daily full server archive with recovery capability when needed.

- You get a personal system administrator and automated server monitoring systems

- Redundant infrastructure to ensure 99.99% guaranteed uptime

- A financial guarantee where you do not owe a fee if the server has an uptime of less than 99.5% within the month

- You always know your monthly cost in advance

- No binding contracts

Choose the right place for your business software







If you have your own server equipment and want to keep your software projects on it, but you need more security, reliable archive and professional administration - contact us! The AbsCloud team is at your disposal, we can offer you remote administration if you prefer the servers to stay by you or the colocation of your equipment in our infrastructure.


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