Abilix Soft testimonials and client references

Abilix Soft client testimonials



We from Ardes.bg have over 40 stores (own and affiliates) nationwide and we are one of the leading IT resellers. Some of our projects also include software development, including a cloud ERP system and an accounting software under the name of Estate+.

This reference letter is to serve AbilixSoft's team, leaded by Alexander Minchev for the monitoring, optimizing and the smooth migration which they conducted for our projects:

All operations were completed with professionalism, without interrupting our normal workflow. After all our services were transfered on their hardware, they optimized furthermore. All the actions conducted by AbilixSoft resulted in higher performance and trouble-free systems.

We would like to personally express our gratitude for all performed actions regarding our most valued IT asset - our company website http://ardes.bg/. Before migrating to AbilixSoft we were working in collaboration with a large and oftenly advertised hosting company. Performance issues were observed all the time, sometimes resulting in interceptions.

Everything now works flawlessly, no matter the load. Even on "Black Friday" when a lot of large chain stores' websites are unreachable. During that event for 16 hours we had more unique visits than the passed three weeks all together but our services remained in working order.


In conclusion, the team of Ardes.bg highly recommends AbilixSoft as a reliable, dedicated business partner. They are the perfect solution for complex server solultions.


Rockland Web Design

Rockland Web Design

Alexander from AbilixSoft is a very talented, dedicated and friendly Network Adminstration Professional. We’ve had the benefit of using his services since 2015, and as a result our US – based web hosting business model has consistently grown.
The servers that AbilixSoft configures and maintains for us are structured with state of the art applications and settings that they recommend to us. The server data is also backed up on a daily basis, so our team and our customers are assured that their websites and applications are up and running 99.9999% of the time.
AbilixSoft also helps us to save money. They look at pricing models for various server instances, and make recommendations on how to optimize server settings to minimize waste – by closing older instances, by removing redundancies, and by choosing reserved instances.
Finally, we find Alexander to be a very warm and friendly person, who clearly communicates with our team, and more importantly does so in an easygoing and enjoyable manner. In the world of IT, it’s enjoyable to work with people who are genuine and helpful. Alexander from AbilixSoft is clearly this type of person.
We hope to be working with AbilixSoft for many years.

MKS Spedition & Logistics

MKS Ltd.

With the follwoing reference letter "MKS" LTD. expresses its gratitude and positive feedback for the high quality service AbilixSoft has provided - implementing and maintaining our ERP and CRM systems.

MKS ltd is a spedition & logistics company working on a nationwide and international level. We work with all possible transportations and have a wide range of customers, partners and subcontractors.


AbilixSoft's team proved their professionalism in every aspect of fulfulling their part of our contract. They paid the necessary attention in the thorough analysis for our ERP development. Every deadline was kept as promised. We received full cooperation from them in implementing it afterwards. Their support is timely and of high quality. Abilixsoft proved their confidentiality and their responsibility with the way they handled all the inside information we provided.

We at MKS ltd recommend AbilixSoft ltd as a competent, reliable and trusworthy business partner.



Photosynthesis chain store (http://www.photosynthesis.bg/) issues this following reference letter in assurance that we have had a long lasting partnership with AbilixSoft and that we are more than pleased with our collaboration.


In 2007 we entrusted our server with our online store to engineer Alexander Minchev and his team. Since then up til 2014 Abilixsoft's team maintained our system, on our servers. E-commerce, communications (interoffice and with our suppliers) were greatly improved and every occured problem was handled on time with creativity and professionalism.


In 2014 after a critical failure of our server, we turned to engineer Minchev's team to restore our lost information. Thanks to his interference and the accurate backup he had set-up, it took only a matter of a couple of hours to restore everything on Abilixsofts' servers. After this we chose to leave our websites on their servers. This decision resulted in cutting our capital expenses not only for obtaining and maintaining our own servers, but for many other future complications as well.


Since then our online store handles the gradually increasing traffic and orders with ease, and the team which currently developls our new large online project has always met a timely response on occuring problems, including backing-up the system and restoring its previous state when necessary. To us (a leading chain store in photo and video technology, services, printing, exhibitions and educational activities in the field of photo and video graphics) this is of first-class importance.


We highly recommend AbilixSoft's services for all kind of server-related tasks (maintainance, administering and etc.), including those of great importance to your company.

Елдом Инвест ООД

Eldom Invest LTD

This reference is issued to Abilix Soft OOD with the manager eng. Alexander Minchev in assurance that they have carried out the development, implementation and maintenance of Information Process Management System in the Manufacturing and Technical Development divisions of "Eldominvest" Varna.


At EldomInvest we trust the team of engineer Alexander Minchev for the work on our software system. The main activities related to production and technical development - Modules Production, Nomenclatures, Reports, Administration, Monitoring and Labels are realized with the help of their AbilixSoftERP system.


Since 2005, Mr. Minchev and his team have proven that they have the necessary qualifications to deploy, develop and maintain an information system with a high degree of fault-free, according to our specific requirements and changing needs. We rely on their software for cataloging and testing our production, for issuing labels and warranty cards, for various types of references, for monitoring the work of production staff, and for dozens of other minor tasks.


We recommend Abilix Soft Ltd. as a correct and reliable partner for designing, developing, deploying and maintaining software solutions.



Aquatec ЕООД

Reference by companies Aquatech Ltd. and Express Garantion Ltd.

Aquatec Ltd. has as main activity the construction and equipment of swimming pools, SPA centers, saunas and hydro-massage baths. Express Garantion Ltd. is a construction company that also works in the sphere of hotel and real estate. 


These diverse activities over time have prompted the construction of a multitude of different sites (www.exgar.com, www.agora-bg.com, www.aquahotels.com, www.aquatec-bg.com, www.aqua-center.org ...) All made at different times, with different technologies hosted on different servers, at different hosting companies.


At the beginning of this year, we decided that it is finally time to sort the services we use and transfer everything to a data center to ensure data security, back-up of information, fault-tolerance of services and system assistance when needed.


We have chosen Abilix Soft Ltd. because we have been partners for decades and we are confident about the quality of the services they offer, we are sure of the professionalism of the whole team, we are sure of their hard work and the responsibility that they deal with every problem, we are ready to cooperate even for things that do not fulfill their duties.

Before we started using their Data Center, we used their content management software on the MARKET WebBuilder website. Extremely innovative product for the time being. The company website has become so compact and convenient, with an easy organization, complete and detailed information, convenient search and many other benefits that 15 years later our employees still return to and use the information published there.


During the migration of all of our sites and the other services we wanted to deliver, Abilix Soft's team, and in particular Alexander Minchev's manager, made that transfer very fast and with no interruption.. Since then, everything has worked flawlessly and we are grateful that we chose this company as our hosting provider.


We recommend Abilix Soft to anyone who needs a secure, reliable and fast solution in the field of server and network services.




This reference is issued to Abilix Soft Ltd., represented by Alexander Minchev, in the assurance that the company deliberately and correctly performs its obligations under contracts for the construction and maintenance of a Centralized Information System servicing all employees of Foros and the Internet site of the company.


Foros has been working with Abilix since 2008. Mr. Alexander Minchev, together with his team of highly qualified specialists, implemented a comprehensive information system that replaced many manual operations performed by our employees so far. The quality of our offer database and our website has grown significantly. After we started the system, we were provided with support, which made our software updated to meet the new needs of our business as well as emerging issues.

This reference is issued to Abilix Soft Ltd. to serve where necessary.