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Клауд сървъри и managed VPS servers от Abilix

AbsCloud Virtual Servers are specially built to meet the high demands of today's business. The know-how of the company allows us to provide a high-quality services with a guarantee. And without any long-term and binding contracts!



Reserved Cluster VPS AbsCloud


is a place to keep your important services: online stores, web sites, software and e-commerce projects, e-mails, accounting and warehouse programs, CRM or ERP systems - everything your business relies on - everything that should not stop for no reason.


Abilix Soft server redundancy system


The main advantages of Abilix Soft Clustered Virtual Machines are:



Cloud Services of AbsCloud,
are defined as "Managed VPS" servers. Cloud VPS servers provide reliability, manageability, and full control over available server resources. Use our Data Center structure without having to invest, build and maintain your own. In addition to all the benefits we already have, our clients receive:

Managed VPS AbsCloud packages
You can make a choice from one of our flexible cloud packages. With higher monthly plans, you get more server points to allocate to cloud server resources to meet the needs of your project. Each AbsCloud Managed VPS server gives you flexibility and different choice options. The distribution of server points can also be done automatically:


131 server points
For customers who have "appreciated" the minus of shared hosting; for start-up projects.

227 server points
For larger online stores, requiring more memory and disk space; for ERP and CRM systems, for accounting software

376 server points
For heavily loaded online stores; complex projects and complicated systems.

629 server points
For more complex projects, needing more than one server.


Cloud Calculator Abilix Soft


You only pay for what you use! Manage your budget wisely and at all times.
Use our Cloud Configurator - Select the required parameters and see the price. Flexible virtual server management, excellent maintenance and financial warranty from Abilix Soft are your reliable partner for success.


Each customer of Abilix Soft,
using a VPS cloud server, receives all of our bonus services:

If you have not yet made your choice of VPS server from our AbsCloud packages, write to us, our consultants will contact you as soon as possible and will help you in choosing the right server solution "Contacts"



Briefly on the application of our VPS servers and how they can improve your business:

1. VPS like web hosting
- Appropriate solution for busy online stores with increased traffic
- Online ERP system integrated shops that require reliable connection without interruption and efficient performance
- For sites experiencing problems with load speed and query execution speed
- For sites that have experienced the flaws and limitations of shared hosting
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2. VPS as a mail server
- Always enough space to store letters
- Suitable for bulk mail, e-newsletters and various e-mail marketing activities
- Constant monitoring, checking for a "blacklist" and taking rapid action
- Protection from cryptoviruses and SPAM
- Flexible management of users, rights and quotas
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3. VPS as a file server
- To organize daily work in the company
- Ensuring sync while working with the same files
- No risk of data loss, deliberate or accidental deletion of files.
- No risk of virus infection and encryption of service files
- Daily backup of server information
- Controlled access and high security user rights
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4. VPS for software
- Wide application for development and integration of various software projects
- Automated system for testing and implementing software
- Excellent place for your accounting software, ERP or CRM system
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5. In response to GDPR
The operation of a virtual server by AbsCloud brings a number of significant benefits to companies in complying with the GDPR requirements for processing and storing personal data.
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