Server Warranty Review

Server warranty for 99.99% work without interruption

Each system has multiple parameters. While some of them can be measured in numbers, for other ones this is not so easy. Over the years and thanks to our experience from a number of various projects, we understood that the most important thing is not the megahertz and the gigahertz; not the mega-, giga- and terabytes, not the kilo-, mega and gigabits either.


All these things are important, even essential.

However, the most important is to have all this working. Continuously. Day and night. At working days and holidays.

Our goal is to have everything to run continuously. We know that this is fundamentally impossible. So, we have accepted that we have done well our job if all systems have been working for at least 99.9% of time.


If we did so poorly that a service has been provided in less than 99.5% of time, we do not charge for the month in question. Our customers do not need to place a request or to require any discount. For each plan covered by our warranty, for each incident, we specify the time between its detection (either by a signal from the customer or by a monitoring system) and resolution.

If any service has been running for less than 99.5% of the time for a given month, we do not charge for this period. Whether it's for an incident or a "planned  maintenance".

How can we afford this? By ensuring the continuation of work after any failures.

How do we secure this? By full backups of:

If a customer of ours, their staff or a third party having acquired an access password deletes or modifies anything, this is not covered by our warranty but we are always able to restore the lost files from Backup.